Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam biography:
(born February 26, 1966 in Zahle, Lebanon). Lebanese singer Najwa Karam's musical talents were apparent from a young age where she used to sing at some school parties with her friends and joined the chorus of Saydet Najat Cathedral since she was 11 years old. Najwa's father initially disapproved of her interest in musical profession.

Najwa Karam's singing career began in the late 1980s, with moderate success, but her major successes began in the mid-90s. Najwa Karam is known for her instantly recognizable voice and distinct Lebanese singing accent.
Najwa Karam is one of the most successful Arab singers. Having participated in numerous festivals and concerts around the globe, Najwa Karam's awards from various distinguished bodies. She is also Rotana's
highest paid artist.

In 1989, Najwa Karam's first studio album Ya Habayeb was released by a little known record label, "Relax-in".
After a three year hiatus from music making, Najwa Karam returned to the scene with her follow up album, Shams el-Ghinnieh. The album title was inspired by her nickname, "Shams el-Ghinnieh" (The sun of song) which was given to her by the Lebanese people because of her vocal abilities. The album was produced under another small record company CM. The style of the album was more romantic and contemporary, in comparison to Najwa's debut Ya Habayeb which was more traditional. Shams el-Ghinnieh was received fairly well by the Lebanese public.

Najwa Karam Pictures

Hayda Haki (This is talking) 2007

On May 28th 2007, the Lebanese station Sawt El Ghad and other Arabic stations started playing Najwa Karam's new hit for 2007 named as Hayda Haki. This song, which has a very new style, is expected to be a huge hit for this year.
On June 6, 2007 Rotana released Najwa Karam 16th album titled Hayda Haki. A new Lebanese album with Najwa Karam's special flavor in it. This album include 8 excellent songs as usual.

  • Hayda Haki (This Is Talking)

  • Hata Be Ahlamak (Even In Your Dreams)

  • El Hanone (The Kind One)

  • Behkik (Talk To You)

  • Ana Rouh ya rouhi (I'm a Soul, My Soul)

  • Nawer Eyami (Light My Days)

  • Law Mabtekzob (If you don't lie)

  • Raje3 Tes2al 3a Meen (Your Are Returning To Ask For Who?)

From the First week of release Hadya Haki best selling album in Lebanon in UAE and Kwait Number one best selling Album.The Album had huge succees from the first week of release in Lebanon, the Gulf, Libya, Syria, Jordan and other Arabic countries.
10,000 copies of the album Hayda Haki were sold in one area of Lebanon in the first date of its release.

Najwa Karam Pictures

Najwa Karam latest album:
Najwa Karam released her latest album "Am Bemzah Ma'ak" in July of 2008 under the distribution of Rotana. The album consists of eight songs including the title track "Am Bemzah Ma'ak" which is the first single. Other tracks include "Ammanti Galbi", "Ma Bkhabi Alayk", "Gatalna El Khof", "El Helm El Abyadh", "Enta El Shams", Kammel Ala Rouhi", & "Ta'a Khabeek".

  • "Am Bemzah Ma'ak" (I'm Joking With You)
  • "Ammanti Galbi" (You Reserved My Heart)
  • "Ma Bkhabi Alayk" (I Don't Keep Anything From You)
  • "Gatalna El Khof" (Fear Has Overcome Me)
  • "El Helm El Abyadh" (White Dream-Wedding Dress)
  • "Enta El Shams" (You Are The Sun)
  • "Kammel Ala Rouhi" (Complete My Soul)
  • "Ta'a Khabeek" (Come So I Can Hide You)


Najwa Karam albums:

  • 1989: Ya Habayeb
  • 1995: Ma Bassmahlak
  • 1999: Rouh Rouhi 
  • 2003: Saharni
  • 1992: Shams el-Ghinnieh
  • 1996: Hazi Helo
  • 2000: Oyoun Qalbi
  • 2004: Shu Mghaira
  • 1993: Ana Ma'akon
  • 1997: Ma Hada La Hada
  • 2001: Nedmaneh
  • 2005: Kibir'el Hob
  • 1994: Naghmet Hob
  • 1998: Maghroumeh
  • 2002: Tahamouni
  • 2007: Hayda Haki
  • 2008: Am Bemzah Ma'ak

Najwa Karam Video Clips:

  • Lesh Mgharrab
  • Bihawak - Shu Mghayara
  • Shu Jani
  • Bhebak Walaa
  • Law Ma Btekzob


Najwa Karam Awards:

  • 1985
    Gold Medal (first place) from Layali Lubnan

  • 1994
    Lebanese Broadcasting prize for the best singer.

  • 1995
    Lebanese Broadcasting prize for the best singer. "The most Famous Singer" By "".

  • 1996
    Honorary United States|American Citizenship - United States|U.S.
    Key to the City of Chicago - United States|U.S.
    Jerash Festival Award - Jordan
    2nd Orbit Festival Award
    "The most Famous Singer" By "".

  • 1997
    Carthage Festival Award - Tunis

  • 1998
    Masqat Festival Award - Oman
    Key to the City of Düsseldorf - Germany
    Arab Communities Festival Award - Canada
    Alfatih Festival Award - Libya

  • 1999
    Arab Communities Festival Award - Australia
    "Lebanese Army" honorary Award

  • 2000
    Carthage Festival Award - Tunisia
    "Alzahra City festival" Award - Tunisia
    Pronounced as "Lebanese Diva" by the International France|French Press Organization (IFP) through

  • 2001
    "Doha Arab Song" Festival Award - Qatar
    "Hala February " Festival Award - Kuwait
    "Layali Dubai" Festival Award - UAE
    Murex D'or award for "The Best Arabic language|Arabic singer" - Lebanon
    "Best Singer 2001" from Lebanese Radio Stations - Lebanon
    Rotana Award for "Artist of the Year"
    Rotana Award for "Album of the Year": Nedmaneh
    Rotana Award for "Highest Selling Album": Nedmaneh
    Awards from broadcasting stations : Al delta, Almahabi, Almeraj, Jabal Lebanon & Sawt El Musica

  •  2002
    Aley Festival Award
    Tyre Festival Award - Lebanon

  • 2003
    Rotana Award "Highest Selling Album": Saharni
    Tyre Festival Award - Lebanon
    "Best Singer of the Traditional Lebanese Song" from Lions.
    Faraya City Award - Lebanon
    Jarash Festival Award - Jordan
    "Song of the Year": Edhak Lil Donya - Sawt El Ghad Australia
    Honorary Award from Australian Government - Australia

  • 2004
    Hala February Award - Kuwait
    Carthage Festival Award - Tunisia
    Zahle City Award - Lebanon
    "Female Artist of the Year" from

  • 2005
    Named "Arabic Singer of the Year" by Rotana
    "Song of the Year": Bhebak Walaa - Sawt El Ghad Australia

  • 2006
    "Shu Hal Hala" marked #4 on Sawt El Ghad Australia in Top 100 Songs

  • 2007
    Doha Festival - Qatar
    Hala February Award - Kuwait
    Jerash Festival Award - Jordan
    Best Female Singer in the Middle East in Canada
    "Best Album of the Year": Hayda Haki - Mosaqiue Fm
    "Most Popular Female Singer" #1, "Best Female Singer" #2 - Zahrat Al Khaleej Yearly Survey

  • 2008
    Queen of Carthage - Tunisia


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