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Ragheb Alameh Biography:
(Born on June 7th, 1962
is the diamond voice of The Arab world. His career started since the time he appeared on National Lebanese Program "Studio El Phan" in 1980. The director of the National Lebanese TV program saw the intelligence in his eyes and his voice. Ragheb Alameh spoke with his brother, Khodr Alama to join him in his career.  Khodr Alameh was a university student in Italy.

He came  back from Italy to Lebanon to support Ragheb Alameh's journey of success. Lebanese singer Ragheb Alameh composed many songs. Ragheb Alameh knew exactly the strength of his voice. Based upon that he composed many successful songs such as, "Ya rait Fie' Khabiha", "Ragheb b Orbik", and "Albi Eshiqha". These songs boosted his ranking in the Arab music chart up high to be on the top of the Arab singers and the most wanted in the music stores. Afterwards, Ragheb Alameh's biggest hits such as, Mughram ya Lail, Ya Hayatee, Tawam Rouhi, Saharouni Elail, Tab Leh, and el Hob El Kibeer, made him a real serious business in the Arab World. All big music production companies were after him as a hot to get to sign a contract with them. Ragheb Alameh's biggest belief in his career is "No To Monopolize Ragheb Alameh or any Music Artist". Ragheb Alameh wanted to be the star on all TV stations. As all people feel so delighted to see him on TV, Ragheb Alameh wanted to be for them as a light most amusing artist for them.

Ragheb Alameh
released around 15 albums since early 1980s until now. The first successful album which remarked the debut of his career internationally was "Albi A'she'aha", which was also the first video clip ever made in the Arab world. Since then Ragheb Alameh's albums were remarkably successful such as "Ya Hayaty", " Bravo Aliki", "Farq Kbeer" , "Habiby ya Nasi", "Tab Leih" and recently "El Hob El Kbeer".

In 1999,[Foxy Brown]-An American rapper,was inspired by
Ragheb Alameh's song "Ya Bouy" and included parts of it in a special remix she made in her album "Hood Scriptures".

Ragheb Alameh Pictures

In the new millennium, Ragheb Alameh's made a comeback in "Betgheeb betrouh" with the then-rising singer Elissa. 2 years later, in 2003, Ragheb Alameh released Tab Leh? (Oh Why?) under the recording label Alam El Phan. The only single, the title track, entered the No.1 spot in no time, and was his most celebrated success to date. Ragheb Alameh also co-performed the hit Yallah Ya Shabab with Andy.

At the end of 2004, after a long delay, the pop icon released Al Hob el-Kabir (The Great Love), which was a celebrated hit as well. The song Nasseny Eldonia (make me forget the world) was one of the greatest hits an Arab singer ever made and he shot the clip in Italy. In July 2005, his 2nd single from Great Love, the title track, premiered on Melody Hit.

In 2006,
Ragheb Alameh was invited to participate in the pro-celebrity Formula One race, held in Bahrain, as an introductory show to the competition. Ragheb Alameh
won Third Place overall.

Ragheb Alameh is now an official spokesman for Samsung mobiles.

Ragheb Alameh likes to travel and shop. Ragheb Alameh says he likes to shop because it's an art to see how these products and merchandises are presented in the stores. Ragheb Alameh likes to taste the art in all its phases. Ragheb Alameh likes to read specially before going to sleep.


Interviews with Ragheb Alameh

Ragheb Alameh Latest Albums:

  • Saharoni Ellail
  • El Hob El Kibeer
  • Ba'sha'ak in 2008


Ragheb Alameh Latest News:
In May 2008, Ragheb Alama has released last album "Baashaq", and in September 2008, he won platinum CD medal, and he had highest percentage of album sales.


Ragheb Alameh Awards:
His awards include the Key of Detroit, that of the City of Sydney, a platinum disc for his album called "Albi A'she'aha". And Egypt's Oscar for Video Clip "Alamtini", Best Arabic Male Singer in the Arabian World Gold Lion in 1998.


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