Major Cities - Rachaya


From Chtaura, proceed along the Damascus road to Masnaa (border post).  Just before the post turn right, toward Rashaya. This is where Lebanonís early national leaders, including Bshara El-Khoury and Riad El-Solh, were held by French mandate authorities during the 1943 rebellion that triggered Lebanonís independence. Their prison was an eighteenth century citadel that can be visited today.
The Lebanese Army, which is now stationed at the castle, will assign a guide to show you around the old vaulted chambers and the rooms where the Lebanese patriots were held.
The town of Rachaya, in a remote corner of Lebanon, has been only lightly touched by the modern building boom affecting most of the country. On its cobbled main street small shops sell old fashioned oil stoves, reflecting the needs of this chilly mountain town where the giant Mount Hermon (snow-covered six months of the year) looms overhead. This town is also known for its locally made gold and silver jewellery. On the way to Rachaya from Chtaura try to take the route through the hilltop town of Sultan Yaqub, where there are spectacular views of the valley below. Turn right at Marj and continue through Khiara toward Sultan Yaqub. This town, visible for miles around in every direction, also makes a good landmark.


Source: Ministry of Tourism