Major Cities - Ainab


Ainab Village is located in a mountainous area southeast of the capital that overlooks Beirut and the coast shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Ainab is situated between 700 and 800 meters above sea level and is only 25 kms away from Beirut and 8 kms away from Aley.



One can reach Ainab through either one of these four ways:

  • Beirut, Aley, Souk Al Gharb, Chemlane, Ainab

  • Choueifat, Ain Anoub, Ainab

  • Aramoun, Basateen, Kabr Chmoun, Ainab

  • Chouf Road, Jisr Al- Kadi, Rumhala, Kbr Chmoun, Ainab

Ainab's population is about 2000; two- thirds consist of locals while the rest are tourists, foreigners, and official embassy staff and intellectuals who all target Ainab as their destination for its peacefulness, its beautiful nature, and its close distance to Beirut.

Ainab is classified as a tourist village and the current municipality board forbids the establishments of factories that could cause disruptive noise or excessive population.

Ainab is considered as one of the first villages that established a municipality board, which was in the late 19th century.


Source: Ministry of Tourism