Major Cities - Ghassanieh


The town of Ghassanieh is located in the middle of south Lebanon bordered by:
   -  kahkaye from the north west 
   -  Tifehta from the north east 
   -  Kawtarietel seyeed east 
   -  Khartoum south east 
   -  Nsar south 
   -  Bablieh west 

Ghassanieh is strategically locate in the middle of south Lebanon with road network connecting it to the east through kawtaria to the city of Nabatieh which is about 15 km and to the west through Bablieh 3km away from the main highway which connect it north 14 km to saida and south 23 Km to Tyr
The name of the town (Ghassanieh) is derived from the clan of Alghassasina, which inhabited that region; afterwards, some individuals from Al Fawaz, Hodroj ,Nourelddinne, Bdeir and other small families started to migrate to that small village, thus settling there and naming it Al Ghassanieh. 

The town of Ghassanieh was originally an industrial town manufacturing brooms & brushes for the entire Lebanese market. Immigration started in the 19 century and intensified during the World WarI with a group of young men immigrating to Latin America escaping conscription in the Othman empire army.

This immigration continued through the 20 century and again intensified during the 40s and the 50s this time to West Africa where they engaged in trade and industry.



Source: Ministry of Tourism